What makes our approach so different?


Packing a high optical performance into the smallest possible space was one of our most important guiding principles right from the start. The optoelectronic components available on the market didn’t meet our aspirations in terms of size or performance. Thus, we quickly decided to develop our own microSPOT LEDs and the associated manufacturing technology. They allow us to offer products and services that make many a competitor jealous.


Optoelectronic components


LEDs, the most important components for miniaturized optical sensors, are available in countless variations, but nearly all of them are made for lighting and display purposes. In huge quantities. Admittedly at very low prices. For this, from the point of view of the sensor manufacturer, simply with unsatisfactory optical properties.

The microoptical components from STM, in contrast, seem to come from another dimension ...




The classic procedure taken for miniaturization is simply the method of a “stepwise reduction in size.” Proven technologies such as injection molding, mounting, or assembly processes are driven beyond the currently valid limits with every new product generation. Decisive is this: The design process remains essentially unchanged over all stages of development. Thus, there are no real leaps in development.

What we did instead was to take a completely different path ...


Perfect modular system


Due to the extraordinary qualities of our own microoptical LEDs, photodiodes and phototransistors our wide range of products is based on multiple, high-performance component assemblies that we can combine in nearly an infinite number of ways to make them fit into every application.


High vacuum – application


Through our unique modular design approach, we can easily design optical sensors for use in a high or ultra high vacuum. All of the materials used are then selected according to the user’s approval.

An added advantage is that through the minimal installation dimensions of our sensors, none of the valuable chamber volume is lost.


After reading all of this, are you asking yourself what good our technology is for you?

Every application conceals its own special challenges. Sometimes they are obvious. But usually they aren’t. Does this apply in your case, too? Contact us! We would be happy to visit you and help you look for the best solution for your application problem.