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Miniature Opto Sensors With Separate Amplifiers

The only real alternative to fiber optics. For especially tight installation spaces. The world’s smallest optical sensors with high-performance optical components and suitable amplifiers.


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Miniature Opto Sensors With Built-In Amplifiers

Whether cubical, cylindrical or custom-shaped, a large selection of compact photoelectric sensors, retroreflective sensors, diffuse reflective sensors, etc. can be found here.

Vacuum Rated Photoelectrics

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From low vacuum for grippers to high vacuum at 10-9 mbar for demanding applications in process technology. We manufacture a multitude of vacuum-capable sensors. Designed for the requirements of renowned customers.

Liquid sensors

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Based on our unique microoptical precision components we produce sensors for the detection of liquids in transparent tubes or containers. Level- and tube sensors, water sensors or microsensors for fluid channels and capillaries.

Light-band sensors

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These sensors generate over their complete width a homogenous light-band with uniform sensitivity for optical detection. Possible fields of application range from analog web guiding over non-contact limit switches up to dynamic counting windows or ejection controls.

Optoelectronic components

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With state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture precision microoptical component assemblies for our sensors. LEDs, photodiodies, phototransistors or laser diode modules with very extraordinary optical properties.

Fork sensors

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Optical fork sensors are all arrangements in which the electronic and optical components are mounted and precisely aligned in a fork-shaped metal housing. From standard through beam forks with visible red light, infrared or laser up to label detection sensors.

Frame sensors

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Frame sensors or otpical windows are densely packed through beams in a closed metal housing.

For detecting and counting fast-moving objects. With dynamic or static analysis. In fixed sizes or from a modular system.


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Here, you will find all useful accessories for practical application of our products:

supply cables, adapter cables, reflectors, reflex films, fastening aids, etc.


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Lost your manual? On this page you can find PDFs of the actual manuals of our amplifiers for download. Also a choice of flyers and brochures with interesting information about particular applications of our products.

What we can do for you

The entire technological range of optical sensor development and manufacturing is available to us. From the semiconductor chip to application-appropriate use. What you get from us are products that really fit into your application as well as our support at all stages from concept to production.

Why are we able to make this promise?

1. We take a special technical approach:

- Using our own microoptical components
We manufacture our own LED, photodiode, phototransistor, and laser diode units. With unrivaled optical properties.

- Using an uncompromising modular principle
Our wide range of products is based on multiple, high-performance component assemblies that we can combine in nearly an infinite number of ways. In photoelectric through beam sensors, diffuse reflective sensors, retroreflective sensors, fork sensors, frame sensors, etc.

2. We are consistently customer-oriented
We combine a joy of solving technical problems with an expertise in sensors. Your application problem is our task. Whether by e-mail or by telephone, we are there for you – contact us!

Your advantages:

Small installation space, high performance, and great precision
- united in a single product

Subminiature opto sensors with excellent performance data at the dimension of fiber optics. With our microoptical components it’s easy.
Choose from an extensive range of products: diffuse reflective sensors, through-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, fork sensors, and frame sensors.

We produce your solution
For us, “rapid prototyping” is not just a marketing buzzword. Our optical elements and the modular system in conjunction with our customer orientation make optimization to specific customer requirements a snap.

... or you produce your solution yourself – but with our help.
If you have always preferred to rely on your own solutions in the past and are looking for a way to make your application more precise and reliable, our microoptical component assemblies might just be the perfect aids.